Intellectual Property

The intellectual property lawyers of Wolcott Rivers Gates work with individuals, small businesses and large companies to protect their business and intellectual property interests. Our IP attorneys are knowledgeable on all aspects of IP law and work passionately to develop and protect the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of our clients.

Protecting valuable intellectual property is different from protecting other assets. When handling intellectual property -- rather than tangible items -- one must consider how to preserve the value of creative and proprietary concepts, methods, ideas, data and designs. The good will, reputation and product line of a business are at risk if not legally protected. At Wolcott Rivers Gates, our experienced attorneys help clients through this complex area.

Protect and Develop Your Business Ideas

We help our clients with a broad range of intellectual property law services, including:

  • Trademark and copyright counseling (ex: test for "confusingly similar"), clearance searches, registration (including federal registration), domain names and enforcement

  • Trademark (TM), service mark, copyright, and software licensing and assignments

  • Handling administrative proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and before the U.S. Copyright Office

  • Preparing and negotiating proprietary restrictions in confidentiality, employment, consulting, nondisclosure and software agreements

  • Counseling and protection with respect to domain names, domain name disputes, infringement and non-complete arrangements

  • Litigating intellectual property issues in federal and state courts

  • Intellectual property issues associated with use of the Internet

  • Trade secret and other proprietary rights protection