Probate practice is becoming an increasingly marketable skill due to the aging population and clients' reliance on competent attorneys and other professionals who can smoothly guide them through the procedures. In this seminar, the esteemed faculty, which includes WRG's own M. Powell Peters, will provide you with not only an understanding of the step-by-step probate process, but also with a hard-won knowledge for managing issues regarding executors, creditor claims, inventory/accounting, beneficiary distributions and closing the estate. Enhance your practice - register today!

  • Navigate the probate process with ease in our practical, step-by-step walkthrough.
  • Accurately identify, value, prepare and distribute probate assets.
  • Pick up best practices for handling creditor notices and claims.
  • Confidently navigate the do's and don'ts of rules regarding probate sales of real property.
  • Find out how to deal with non-cooperative executors, beneficiary disputes, assets in the possession of others and other sticky issues.
  • Gain tips for navigating through tax forms so you can make strategic, money-saving decisions quickly.
  • Learn how to successfully balance the final account and close the estate.