Mergers & Acquisitions

A good merger or acquisition deal can mean a significant profit, but a deal gone wrong can be financially devastating.

At Wolcott Rivers Gates, we are committed to helping your company succeed in its business transactions. Our attorneys are experienced in the sale and purchase of large and small businesses in all forms, including asset sales, stock sales, taxable and tax‑free mergers, forward and reverse subsidiary mergers, spinoffs and divestitures. We have represented buyers and sellers at private and public companies with mergers and acquisitions as well as other sophisticated business ventures like strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Our team negotiates the terms, reduces risks, saves taxes and protects assets. Beyond that, we never lose focus of the strategic business objective of the transaction and the ultimate goal of consummating the purchase, sale or merger. Our team of attorneys can negotiate, draft and structure the transaction as well as address regulations, security, taxes and other complex issues often involved in sophisticated business transactions.

Planning and Building Strategic Growth

Our team helps small businesses prepare for a subsequent sale or succession, including protecting assets, enhancing value, maintaining key employees and efficient tax planning.

Our lawyers help clients with every major method of buying and selling companies and assets, including:

  • Stock purchases and sales

  • Asset purchases and sales

  • Mergers – taxable and tax free

  • Spinoffs and divestitures

  • Consolidations

  • Management and employee buyouts

  • Succession planning for family-owned businesses

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