Community Associations

Condominium associations, property owners associations and homeowners associations (HOA) all face challenges as they maintain a positive environment for their residents and look to improve property value.

Board members of a given organization can, through their decisions, impact the value of each owner’s property. However, by law board members can't be compensated for their services and few have the time to understand the rules and regulations of a common interest community.

That's where the attorneys at Wolcott Rivers Gates can step in. We have attorneys familiar with the requirements to draft association rules and regulations, amend those documents, preside over meetings and assist when there is a challenge brought by unit owners.

While most unit owners comply with the rules and regulations, we understand the steps to take for those who refuse. We can also help if the association needs to negotiate significant contracts. For example:

  • Construction or repair of the common elements

  • Assist in court cases against developers

  • Assist when a contractor has failed to live up to their obligations

We can also manage collections from difficult unit owners. Our collections department can convert past due assessments into income for the association.

Our team can also oversee:

  • Delinquent assessments

  • Drafting and negotiating service contracts

  • Developer transition

  • Construction defect litigation

  • Fair housing compliance

  • Creating and enforcing community rules and policies

  • Enforcement of association governing documents

  • Legal counsel on all day-to-day operational decisions of the association

  • Legal counsel regarding elections of director

  • Guidance on board governance

  • Foreclosure of assessment liens

  • Land use and zoning representation

  • Insurance coverage claims

  • Interpretation of association governing documents

  • Preparation of amendments to association governing documents

  • Disputes with third-party vendors

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