The City of Virginia Beach held a public hearing in the City Council Chamber on December 2 for questions and comments regarding the proposed Virginia Beach arena.

During the hearing, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce 2015 Virginia Beach Division Chair Glen Robertson, an attorney with Wolcott Rivers Gates, spoke on behalf of the Chamber in support of the construction of the proposed Virginia Beach arena, as well as the concept of the proposal submitted by United States Management.

Robertson’s remarks focused on the significant private sector investment of $200,000,000, the benefit of significant new tax revenues and the vital year-round boost in business revenues in the resort. Robertson also highlighted the proven track record of S.M.G. Worldwide Entertainment and the private sector equity partners that will be key to future success. Additional comments focused on the synergy with the existing convention center, the enhanced ability to attract sporting and non-sports events as well as the arena being a catalyst and anchor for planned redevelopment of the City’s 19th Street Corridor.

During his comments, Robertson said, “The City won’t see an offer this good again.  This arena will add to the quality of life here and make what the Mayor likes to call ‘the greatest city in the world’ even greater.”

The next steps for the development of the arena in Virginia Beach include a town hall meeting on December 3 and a City Council vote on December 9 on the term sheet for the project and a first-quarter City Council vote on the final development agreement.

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