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Written by Brian Latuga

The Virginia Habitual Drunkard Law is Unconstitutional, But You Were Just Interdicted

The City of Virginia Beach has far surpassed any other jurisdiction in creating these ‘habitual drunkards’. It seems the Tidewater area is trying to take the prize for greatest number of interdicted persons established through the “untouched”...

February 10, 2020 Criminal Defense - State & Federal; DUI Defense

Written by Brian Latuga

ASAP Good Behavior Violations in Virginia

Perhaps you haven’t broken any criminal or traffic laws since your DUI or Reckless Driving conviction. But now, your front door is decorated with a summons from your local court for a “Good Behavior Violation- Failure to Comply with ASAP.” What...

October 19, 2018 Criminal Defense - State & Federal; DUI Defense

Written by Brian Latuga

A Fight Over A "Deadly Weapon"

What can be considered a "deadly weapon" in the state of Virginia? The answer is almost anything depending on how the object or instrument was used during a criminal act. However the inclusion of "deadly weapon" charges can have a tremendous impact...

July 19, 2018 in Criminal Defense - State & Federal

Written by Brian Latuga

The 'Driving While Revoked - DUI Related' Hat Trick of Charges: Are You a Victim?

Driving with a revoked license after a DUI conviction can quickly take a toll on your freedom. What’s worse is that police and prosecutors routinely charge individuals with THREE counts of ‘Driving While Revoked - DUI Related’ for a single act of...

March 02, 2018 in DUI Defense

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