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Premarital Agreements: Prepare at the Beginning to Save at the End

Often we receive inquiries from clients regarding premarital agreements and their validity and effect in Virginia. Previously divorced persons and persons marrying for the first time may wish to protect their property in the event of divorce, and a...

September 30, 2008 in Divorce & Family Law

Written by Arthur Robinson

Estate Planning and Wealth, a Perspective

A major financial institution recently commissioned a study which was designed to pinpoint individuals with investable assets of $1 million or more. The study estimated that worldwide approximately 9.5 million individuals and families fall into...

September 25, 2008 Estate Planning; Wills, Trusts & Estate Administration

Written by John Sawyer

Environmental Regulation and the Current Political Climate

What happens when you place the chief litigator for the National Association of Home Builders (“NAHB”) in the same room with the counsel for the National Resources Defense Council (“NRDC”) and National Wildlife Federation (“NWF”) with a tenuous...

September 24, 2008 in Environmental Law

Written by Kyle Korte

Workers’ Compensation in Virginia

At What Point Must a Growing Company Purchase and Maintain a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy? In Virginia, the Workers’ Compensation Act (the “Act”) is an employees exclusive remedy against his employer for injuries sustained on the job. To...

September 24, 2008 in Employment Law for Employers

New Home Buyers Beware!

Many new home buyers receive a written warranty on the home that is either provided by the seller directly or purchased by the seller from a new home warranty company. The written warranty issued by sellers to many new home buyers is ordinarily...

September 30, 2005

Written by David Bastiaans

A Prescription for Your Estate Plan

If you signed your Estate Plan, whether it included a Will, a Trust, a Power of Attorney or an Advance Medical Directive (“Estate Plan”) before April 2003, or if you used a form from a book your brother-in-law gave you, or filled in the forms on a...

September 24, 2005 in Estate Planning

Written by Glen Robertson

The Graying of America Increases the Need for Appointment of Guardians and Conservators

Social scientists have been tracking the “graying” of America for quite some time since the leading edge of the post-World War II baby boom generation reached middle age approximately fifteen years ago. As the members of that generation have...

July 24, 2005 Estate Planning; Wills, Trusts & Estate Administration