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Written by Bretta Lewis

A New Approach to Family Law as a Healing Force in a Time of Upheaval and Uncertainty in Post-Pandemic Virginia

The phrase Mr. Rogers used to guide children in frightening situations, “Look for the Helpers,” has been quoted a lot lately. Now more than ever, those of us who are feeling frightened and alone are looking for someone to guide us through the...

May 07, 2020 Child & Spousal Support; Child Custody; Divorce & Family Law

Written by Ameet Habib

Family Law 101 - "I Want Full Custody!"

“I want full custody!” This is the most common phrase I hear when meeting with a prospective client for an initial consultation regarding a divorce or child custody matter. For a variety of reasons explained below, the usual response to this...

May 22, 2018 Child Custody; Divorce & Family Law

When Can My Child Testify In Court In A Custody/Visitation Case About Where He/She Wants To Live?

I am often told by clients that their child is 12 years old (or fill in the blank with any age 12 or older) and that their child can decide where he or she wants to live. While some states may have statutory or case law setting forth the age after...

November 01, 2016 Child Custody; Divorce & Family Law

Written by Arthur Robinson

Portability and Pre-Marital Agreements: Who Gets the Benefit?

There is a unique interaction between estate taxation and family law which has arisen as a result of the portability election for estate taxes which was enacted several years ago. Portability is the concept of allowing a surviving spouse to...

October 17, 2016 Divorce & Family Law; Estate & Gift Taxation

Shared Custody

I am often asked about the definition of shared custody. The term “shared custody” appears in the child support section of the Code of Virginia, not the custody and visitation section. It refers to circumstances where one party has custody or...

October 01, 2013 Child & Spousal Support; Divorce & Family Law

Premarital Agreements: Prepare at the Beginning to Save at the End

Often we receive inquiries from clients regarding premarital agreements and their validity and effect in Virginia. Previously divorced persons and persons marrying for the first time may wish to protect their property in the event of divorce, and a...

September 30, 2008 in Divorce & Family Law

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