By: Edward W. Wolcott, Jr. & Gordon M. Wolcott

At Wolcott Rivers Gates, our team prepared as much as possible for the impact COVID-19 has caused to everyday life. Our office remains open, however, our in-office staff is limited to a small number. This “skeleton crew” is able to keep the office functioning normally while the majority of our attorneys and staff work safely from home. Our personal injury attorneys are prepared and able to meet with current and new clients via telephone, video calls, or safe in-person meetings adhering to the strict social distancing guidelines. Our proactive approach to this pandemic allows us to continue to provide excellent legal services to our current and prospective clients. If you, or someone you know, has recently suffered any kind of personal injury, please contact our firm to schedule a no-cost consultation today.

Q: If the Courts are closed, how can my case proceed?

A: Many of the local courts have temporarily closed except for essential hearings such as emergency child custody hearings, bond hearings and other such time relevant issues. Unfortunately, the courts do not consider civil litigation an essential activity. DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU INTO NOT PURSUING YOUR INJURY CLAIM. Despite the courts not being available to conduct personal injury trials, most cases are resolved without court intervention in the first place! Most personal injury cases are settled outside of court and so can yours. While your case is currently unable to proceed to trial, we can still work toward resolving your case for a fair and reasonable amount. Your personal injury case can still proceed through 99% of its steps prior to trial, so do not wait to get your case started if you have been injured. In Virginia, we can still help you receive compensation for your injuries despite not being able to go to trial.

Don’t wait to seek medical help if you have been injured, your case is important and should not be delayed.

One of the easiest ways to impact your personal injury case in a negative way is to try and “tough it out.” It is human nature to prevent as many visits to the doctor as possible, but when it comes to your personal injury law suit, the insurance companies put a “value” to your case by reviewing your medical bills and the medical records created by those visits and treatments with your medical providers. The more bills/treatments/surgeries you have and the more significant your injuries, the higher dollar value an insurance carrier may be willing to offer. This does not mean you can go to a doctor just to go, you must have a clearly documented need for the visit and the doctor must agree that need was caused by whatever injured you, whether it was an automobile accident, a slip and fall, a dog bite, or any other injury.

If you choose to wait to see a doctor after having any sort of accident, the insurance companies will always look to how quickly you sought help as a tool to ‘measure’ your injuries. Therefore, the faster you can be seen by a medical professional, and the better you are at sticking to your appointments and therapy, the stronger your case will be and, needless to say, the healthier you will be.

Q: My doctor won’t see me due to the outbreak, will that hurt my case?

A: Most medical professionals have implemented many ways to counter the impact of social distancing. One of those is by the use of video conferencing. This new, digital age of medicine allows for doctors to see and speak to their patients via video conference. While it is generally a good idea to seek treatment as soon as possible, a slight delay due to the outbreak of Covid-19 could help explain why the delay in your treatment occurred.

Q: Should I continue treatment if my case is currently ongoing?

A: Yes, to the best of your ability you should continue seeking treatment with your medical providers during this pandemic. If your medical professional limits the personal interactions at their facility, ask them how you can continue to progress at home with exercise regimens or other activities to help you recover.

Q: What should I do if I get injured during this pandemic?

A: Many people are working from home and therefore, less cars are on the road. Less cars, mean less car accidents. If you or someone you know are involved in a car accident or another kind of personal injury, the first thing to do is get yourself to the hospital if needed. Your number one priority will always be to seek medical treatment. Once you are no longer in any immediate threat, reach out to us here at Wolcott Rivers Gates so that we can let the insurance companies know that you have representation. It is important to refrain from speaking to or accepting anything from any insurance representative that reaches out to you. Many times, insurance companies wish to get a statement from you or to get you to settle as soon after the accident as possible. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Once you have an experienced Wolcott Rivers Gates attorney working on your case, the insurance companies know that they will not be able to settle the case for a quick, easy amount and will offer the money they know you deserve. Once you have contacted us, we will begin to work on your case right away.

The spread of the coronavirus does not prevent us from starting the process with the insurance companies to get you the amount you deserve. We will take the stress of the accident away and allow you to focus on getting treated and will be in constant communication with you every step of the way.

Wolcott Rivers Gates remains open with attorneys ready to respond to your personal injury claim 24/7, nights and weekends.

If you have been injured in an accident and have questions concerning your options, or if you have any doubt that your current attorney will be able to properly represent you during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact Edward W. Wolcott, Jr. or Gordon M. Wolcott of Wolcott Rivers Gates immediately for a complimentary case review.

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