Overweight Citations & Hauling Violations

Violations of the laws and regulations for the trucking and transportation industry can carry stringent penalties and substantial fines for truck drivers and transport companies.

Of all the penalties, none is more financially devastating than an overweight citation. A Virginia overweight citation is issued when a carrier is operating a vehicle on Virginia highways and the vehicle's weight exceeds the limits listed in the Code of Virginia § 46.2-1133.

A Virginia overweight citation is directed to the owner, operator or other person(s) responsible for the offense as determined by the issuing officer or agent. It is rare to see a driver issued a citation when he/she works for a larger company.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, when a truck is cited for being overweight, the matter is tried as a civil case in which the local city attorney or commonwealth attorney will seek to collect the statutorily determined fine, often totaling thousands of dollars. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for collecting the payment for overweight citations and is not authorized to waive or adjust the assessed amount of a citation.

Experienced Defense for Truck Drivers and Transportation Companies

When faced with this overweight citation or hauling violation, you need a law firm with experience in the transportation industry and trying these specific cases.

For decades, we have defended transportation companies and drivers across the Commonwealth of Virginia from the harsh penalties of overweight citations and hauling violations.

Attorney Stephen P. Pfeiffer is especially well versed with the transportation industry. In addition to his legal experience and knowledge, Stephen once worked at a warehouse and transportation company, which made him familiar with the transportation industry and its nuances.

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