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Avoiding Business Ownership Disputes

November 07, 2018

If you are one of two or more owners of a business, what happens when the state of the shared ownership enters a state of unrest or significant change? The consequences of these changes could possibly be severe and life altering for the affected...

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Does Your Corporation or Limited Liability Company Protect You?

October 01, 2013

The whole idea of using a corporation or limited liability company is to provide protection for the owner from the creditors of the corporation or limited liability company. The law says you are not personally liable for your corporate or limited...

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Employee Covenants Not to Compete

March 23, 2011

As a general rule, covenants not to compete in employment contracts are not favored in Virginia and are always strictly construed against the employer. Does this mean that all such covenants aren’t enforceable? No. It does mean, however, that the...

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