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Written by Barry Dorans

New Business Formation - Planning for the Future from the Beginning

When one individual wants to form a business, it is not that hard to have the paperwork completed. When there is more than one owner, however, other issues arise. In his second article on business formation, WRG attorney Barry Dorans delves into...

May 29, 2018 in New Business Formation

Written by Ameet Habib

Family Law 101 - "I Want Full Custody!"

“I want full custody!” This is the most common phrase I hear when meeting with a prospective client for an initial consultation regarding a divorce or child custody matter. For a variety of reasons explained below, the usual response to this...

May 22, 2018 Child Custody; Divorce & Family Law

Written by Barry Dorans

New Business Formation - Avoiding Personal Liability

A primary reason why an owner retains a lawyer to help them set up a business is to make sure they are not personally liable for the debts of the company. In this blog post attorney Barry Dorans highlights a recent case from the United States...

May 04, 2018 in New Business Formation

Written by Stephen Pfeiffer

Private Property DUI: Do I Have to Give A Breath or Blood Sample?

Stephen Pfeiffer of Wolcott Rivers Gates discusses when you are legally required to provide a blood or breath sample in the state of Virginia. In this article, Mr. Pfeiffer also shares ways to avoid accidentally providing incriminating evidence...

April 30, 2018 Criminal Defense - State & Federal; DUI Defense

Written by Barry Dorans

Tips & Employees - FLSA Update No. 3

In prior articles, I discussed the bumpy road involving an employer keeping tips left by customers. In what may be the final chapter of this story, the United States Congress has now amended the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) to explicitly...

April 27, 2018 in Employment Law for Employers

Written by Barry Dorans

Business Law - Maternity Leave and Avoiding Discrimination Claims

You have a highly valued employee who has recently become pregnant and has asked about the company policy on paid maternity leave. Should you offer her paid maternity leave? If you choose to offer paid leave for new parents, how do you do so while...

April 18, 2018 in Employment Law for Employers

Written by David Bastiaans

What Is the Difference Between Business Succession Planning and Exit Planning?

The difference between business ‘succession planning’ and ‘exit planning’ is huge! The former is a means to an end and the latter is charting a course to an end. Exit planning is not done in isolation by your attorney, CPA or financial advisor....

April 13, 2018

Written by Barry Dorans

Business Contracts - Indemnification Clauses

Do the words in the general terms of a business contract really have any practical impact? The answer is definitely yes! Once the parties enter into a business relationship, whether it is for construction, leasing or the sale of items and have...

March 27, 2018 in Business Contracts

Written by Barry Dorans

Can I Sue A Contractor For Fraud?

In construction disputes, it is not uncommon that one of the parties wants to sue for fraud. A fraud claim has significant advantages over a contract claim in that there is a longer statute of limitations to bring the claim and the damages that can...

March 06, 2018 Construction Law; Litigation

Written by Brian Latuga

The 'Driving While Revoked - DUI Related' Hat Trick of Charges: Are You a Victim?

Driving with a revoked license after a DUI conviction can quickly take a toll on your freedom. What’s worse is that police and prosecutors routinely charge individuals with THREE counts of ‘Driving While Revoked - DUI Related’ for a single act of...

March 02, 2018 in DUI Defense